Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Bill Leaves EPA Powerless Over Big Business Polluters

Two related bills were just voted down in the House that would have far reaching ramifications throughout the legislature and the United States. The wording of the Bill would have declared the existence of Climate Change. It may come as no surprise to some then that the next Bill on the agenda was also voted down;as it was to declare Climate Change anthropogenic;or in lay-men's terms, "caused by humans". These weren’t just simple amendments being put forth by Democrats in the House of Representatives. They were attempting to thwart the advancement of the impending Upton-Inhofe Bill which is to be presented before the House. In short, this Bill will effectively strip the EPA of it's ability to regulate large corporations who dump these gases into the atmosphere.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Neuron Discovery Possible New Link in Autism Mystery

About 30 years before the term even came into use in the medical community defining what today is known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, a unique neuron was discovered for the first time. In 1926 it was eventually detailed by Viennese Anatomist, Constantin von Economo. Sadly, after the identification of this neurological structure, it was overlooked for nearly a century. The rediscovery was finally made by a team of Neuroscientists at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine who couldn’t help but notice the unusual size of these cells in an area of the brain that is only active when the person is experiencing emotion. These scientists would go on to find that only certain types of animal brains seem to even possess these cells at all.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Full Frontal Feminism Leaves Few Options for Teen Girls

Jessica Valenti is a popular, outspoken blogger from the feminist website Feministing.com who has taken her column to print in her new book, “Full Frontal Feminism”. The book touts itself as a wake-up call for a generation of young women who have grown up in a world spurred on by feminists but where the actual word “feminist”, carries for them a negative social connotation of pushy, angry, self-absorbed, man haters. While some view her book as an excellent primer for a group of girls not yet versed on the basics of feminist theory, others see it as an immature hodgepodge of dumbed down, self-help sound bites that neither educates nor adequately portrays neither the feminist struggle nor the ideals to which the fore-mothers of the women’s suffrage and feminist portions of the civil rights movement gave their passion, sweat and blood.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Religion Not Necessary for Human Morality

It was once said that one’s concept of God is modeled after one’s experience with one’s father. A rather Freudian assessment; it certainly sheds a different and rather interesting light on the various religions of the world. Perhaps it causes one to wonder what the world would be like ecumenically, and even politically, had the founders of those religions only had different dads. Regardless of this little thought experiment, there does seem to be an inherent tendency to assume a correlative relationship between organizations with rules and the ability to follow them. However, the mere existence of rules, does not necessarily assume that the rules were formed in the best interests of those that are to follow them; or that even if they were formed with that intention, that they accomplished that goal. There are many kinds of religion and not all of them organized as such. Some individuals and smaller communities create spiritual guidelines to grant a sense of ethereal meaning. However, what are the natural morals that must then be adopted if there is no ethereal plane? What, then, if there is no religion at all? Let us take the time to really imagine.

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