Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Racial Profiling Makes Justice Harder On Everyone

Racial profiling is an exceptionally sloppy method of detective work for any crime, including those that have a racially identifiable suspect. The officer is in effect using a process of elimination technique as a means of uncovering evidence and subconsciously begins avoiding other avenues of investigation. A detective cannot afford to be ignoring vital clues at any period in his search, but especially not so early on when the situation is at its most sensitive period.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Do PBS Budget Cuts Affect Preschooler Science Education?

Many adults with children of preschool ages have vivid memories of watching Saturday morning cartoons. Unfortunately, their educational substance amounted to little more than leaving children with the impression that using explosives was the preferred way of resolving feuds amongst sarcastic anthropomorphic woodland creatures. When their parents insisted that too television would “rot the brain” there may have been a lot of protesting, however, there was little a kid could say to counter the accusation. As the years progressed the producers of TV programing seemed to have appreciated that entertainment need not be incompatible with education. Understandably, parents have been skeptical that the television could be a helpful tool in teaching and development; however, the shows and their writers have been difficult to ignore. However, with threats from Washington lawmakers that subsidies for Public Broadcasting Stations could be significantly reduced or cut off altogether, the timing has never been more urgent to spread the word regarding their efforts to provide the nation’s youngest citizens with quality academic tools right inside their living rooms.

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