Monday, January 24, 2011

Parent's Guide to Raising Triplets: Without Losing Your Mind!

The Art of Raising Triplets

"You must have your hands full."

The truth is that you will hear this phrase almost every time you go into public with your children. If anyone speaks to you, they will use this phrase when they can’t think of anything to say or appropriate to ask. The problem is that the real reason you are annoyed is not because it is the only other thing people say to you other than, “Are they all yours?”, sadly, is not only do you have your hands full, but they are quite literally overflowing. Making your life easier is all relative. The ability to shower more than twice a week would make your life easier right now. However, all’s fair in Love, War ~and~ Sanity. When it comes to raising triplets you are going to need secret weapons for all three.

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